Best Online Shopping Sites In Somalia 2021

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The growth of internet usage in Somalia has boosted the number of shopping sites people enjoy browsing to purchase products or get discounts on available items.

Some online stores are specific, while others are generalist where they sell anything from groceries, books, clothes to beauty products, sports equipment, and even software.

1. Soomar

Soomar is one of the largest online shops in Somalia. Soomar offers different products including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care, and much more.

2. is the first eCommerce hardware market established in 2014. This market is designed to allow you to shop from your state, city, home, workplace and work in general all over the country. You can pay in different ways such as
(1. eDahab, ZAAD, EVC, Sahal, PayPal).

3. Aleelo

Aleelo is a Somali Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Gadgets, Home Appliances. It’s envisioning to become the Amazon of Somalia, enabling you to purchase a variety of quality-assured products. You can pay easily using EVC Plus, Credit Card, PayPal or Cash on delivery, the goods you buy will be delivered to your delivery address.

4. FidPlat

FidPlat is an online shops in Somalia. Launched in July 2018, FidPlat offers products that span various categories, including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care, and much more.

FidPlat has a mobile app that allows business people to open their stores on the site and sell their products through the platform. Most sellers on FidPlat operate via a Dropshipping Model. Your order and the products are shipped into the country from manufacturers in China.

5. SuuqOne

SuuqOne is another online shopping site in Somalia. It provides mainly electronic and mobile phones. It ​​makes it easy for you to buy and sell online. Your purchase will be delivered to your front door.

6. Kabayare Fashion

Kabayare Fashion is a unique online apparel store that provides more than just your ordinary clothing but a style that is unique to your every day life and qualities, We keep a variety of modest, modern and ethnic abstract clothing in our stores we hope you enjoy our selection.

7. Beecbile

Beecbile Online Store Is an online Shopping Market that serves customers in Somalia Anywhere And Anytime.

8. Banaadir Computers

Banaadir Computers is an online electronics and computer store. It offers products ranging from Mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, netbooks, tablets, and LCD televisions.