Liido Beach Cleanup Campaign

Photo group for Volunteers of Liido Beach Clean-up Campaign

Liido Beach Clean-up Campaign is a youth-led initiative started by the youth in Mogadishu to clean the city’s most popular place for resort and recreation every Friday. Due to the negligence and poor wast management leading to accumulation of wastes on the beach made youth to take this matter with their own hands. Throughout their campaign, they cleaned out tons of plastic bags and bottles, discarded clothes and food waste from the beach without the assistance from any government agency. 

Eng Abdisatar Arabow, founder and CEO of Somali Trade Show (STS) was among the young people leading this campaign:

It’s pleasure for us that we are relentlessly continuing the 7th week of our campaign for Liido Beach Clean-up. Initially, we started this campaign with 6 persons and as you see today we are over hundred persons. The reason behind this campaign was when we realised the negative consequences can cause on environment and the health of our lives when plastic bags and bottles are over-consumed and not properly recycled. To avoid these consequences, we decided to preserve the well-being of our environment and avoid these wastes and plastics enter into our the ocean



Young girls in Mogadishu are also playing major role in this campaign. Ugabad Abdi was among volunteers contributing Lido Beach Cleanup Campaign, she said:

Youth Volunteer participating Liido Beach Cleanup Campaign

“Today I waked up early morning then left home 4pm and came here 6pm to contribute this volunteering campaign cleaning the beach. This morning when I was leaving from home, I was thinking about the time I was going to the beach as a girl because it’s not allowed for ladies to leave form home that time but my motivation and the volunteer work to clean my city was what drove me to come here. As you know, When it comes to volunteerism and community works, I believe young girls are forefront and better strong than boys because we (girls) do all house works everyday for the family; we cook foods and clean home while boys usually they don’t, therefore I encourage young girls to join us and become part of this campaign cleaning their city. ”

Jeylani Abdi is Somali father and one of the people with special needs living Mogadishu City. He has joined Liido Beach Cleanup Campaign to take care of his environment. He holds a poster written the 4th Article of the Somalia’s constitution. Speaking to the public, Jeylani Said:

“The reason I joined this volunteer work was to encourage these patriotic young female and male who decided to clean their city without seeking money from any entity. I also encourage other youth in the regions in Somalia to start similar actions cleaning their cities “

While it is the local government’s responsibility to keep the city clean and safe from environmental hazards, waste management still remains a big challenge in urban areas especially in Somalia. However, Mogadishu was once named the Pearl of Indian Ocean because it was one of the cleanest and beautiful cities in Africa. Today solid waste is dumped in every corner of the city. The municipality still lacks a sound solid waste management system and the accumulated wastes can cause health problems to the population and a threat to the environment in general.